Three significant trends on TikTok 2023

Three significant trends on TikTok 2023
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As we move into 2023, TikTok forecasts three significant trends in the platform: Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community-Built Ideals.

First, Actionable Entertainment refers to the trend of content that entertains and inspires viewers to take action. This can include challenges, tutorials, and other interactive content encouraging participation and engagement. Expect more brands and creators to leverage this trend to drive conversions and build community.

Second, Making Space for Joy highlights the importance of positivity and optimism in facing ongoing challenges and uncertainty. This trend is about creating content that brings viewers joy and lightness and encourages them to find hope and happiness in everyday moments. Brands and creators should focus on creating content that uplifts and inspires their audience.

With 90% of users reporting that the platform brings them joy and never gets boring, TikTok is key for brands looking to make deeper connections with their audience. As we move into 2023, the messaging on TikTok should tap into the community's desire for levity and empower them to make space for joy in their lives. It's not just about entertainment anymore; it's about creating a ripple effect of positivity in the world. TikTok is a catalyst for a societal shift towards prioritizing joy and happiness.

Finally, Community-Built Ideals focus on the power of community to drive change and shape the world around us. This trend is about harnessing a community's collective energy and ideas to create something bigger than any individual. Brands and creators should aim to tap into this trend by building communities around shared values and causes and empowering their audience to make a real-world impact.

Overall, these trends reflect the evolving needs and desires of TikTok users and provide an opportunity for brands and creators to connect with their audience in new and meaningful ways. As we move into 2023, businesses should consider these trends as they plan their TikTok strategy and create content that resonates with viewers.

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