About Maja Hurtigh

About Maja Hurtigh
Photo: Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

In Gothenburg, the Nordic hub of green innovations, Maja Hurtigh uses her insights about media and society to strengthen international brands and businesses.

As a Media and Communication Scientist with years of PR, Marketing, and Communications experience, Maja Hurtigh leverages her understanding of traditional and social media dynamics and public relations to elevate international brands and businesses to new heights. Her extensive background as a PR Specialist for top communications agencies in Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as her leadership roles as a Board Member for Young Media Sweden and Chairman of the Board of Young Media Producers in Stockholm, have honed her skills in strategic communication and brand building.

Over the years, Hurtigh has had the opportunity to work with clients in various fields, each with diverse requirements and expectations. She is positive, creative, strategic, driven, and motivated by the thriving and success of organizations and those around her. Drawing on her experience as a Media and Communication Scientist, she applies her understanding of media and society to drive success and growth in Nordic businesses.

Since joining the dynamic team of a family-owned corporate group, Hurtigh has guided the group's various industry, real estate, tech, and finance holdings toward achieving creative marketing results through strategic communications, copywriting, and branding activities.

At photo: Maja Hurtigh

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